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Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Dalibor

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  • Hotel address: K lanovce 886, Jáchymov, 362 51 (view map)


The Spa Dependency Dalibor is a four storeys-high building with 34 rooms without private toilets. There are 21 single and 13 double bedrooms. The rooms are furnished with comfortable furniture and a radio. The house has a lift. There are common bathrooms and toilets on each floor, and two Lounges with TV without satellite programmes. There is a public telephone and a direct telephone dedicated to calling the non-stop medical aid.

All the spa procedures, meals and other services including social events and entertainment are available at the premises of the Akademik Běhounek Spa Hotel. Hotel guests may also choose from the various culture events offered by the other spa hotels. Parking with surveillance is available on one of the car parks in the spa.


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Hotel facilities:
24 hrs 24 hrs
Meeting Room Meeting Room
Phone & Fax Phone & Fax
Elevator Elevator
Spa Facilities Spa Facilities

Room facilities:
Phone Phone


Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Dalibor

Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Dalibor

Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Dalibor


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