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Chapelle de Bethléem (Betlémská kaple)

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Chapelle de Bethléem

The Bethlehem Chapel (Czech: Betlémská kaple) is a medieval religious building in Prague, Czech Republic notable for its connection with the Czech reformer Jan Hus. It was opened for sermons in 1394, and taught solely in the Czech vernacular, thus breaking with German domination of the Medieval Bohemian church. The building was never officially called as a church, only a chapel.

In the 17th century, the building was acquired by the Jesuits. During reign of the Emperor Joseph II (1780s) converted into an apartment building. Under the Czechoslovakian communist regime the building was restored by the government to its state at the time of Hus. Most of the chapel's exterior walls and a small portion of the pulpit date back to the medieval chapel.

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Chapelle de BethléemChapelle de Bethléem



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