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Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Astoria


The Spa Dependency Astoria was formed by connecting three buildings built at the beginning of the 20th Century – Seidel House, Marian House and Astoria House. It is situated in the heart of the Jachymov’s spa district. It achieved its modern accommodation standard after an extensive renovation in 2002. The current accommodation capacity of Astoria is 103 beds in comfortably furnished single and double bedrooms each with a bathroom and WC, TV with satellite programs, a refrigerator and a telephone.

Meals are served in the Praha Spa Hotel situated about 150 meters away. Complete medical care and spa procedures are available in the Spa Building (Centre Agricola) just across the street from Astoria House. Guests check in at the non-stop Reception Desk of the Praha Spa Hotel. In the lobby of Astoria House there is only a Reception Desk that provides only basic services.

The wide selection of culture and entertainment events as well as the additional services that are provided by the other spa hotels are also available to the guests of Astoria Dependency. Car park with surveillance is available on the premises.


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Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Astoria

Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Astoria

Jáchymov - Spa Dependency Astoria


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