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Jáchymov - Spa House Elektra


The Spa House Elektra was built around 1900. Its current appearance is due to connecting two originally separate houses, Elektra and Mignon. Its contemporary accommodation standard was achieved by extensive renovation in 2003. The building that is connected by a roofed corridor with the Curie Spa Hotel conforms to the criteria of a full service spa facility.

Accommodation: The accommodation capacity of Spa Hotel Electra is 88 beds in both single and double bedrooms, 2 of which are suitable for wheelchair patients. All the rooms have an onsuite bathroom with a shower, WC, TV with satellite programmes, a refrigerator and a telephone.

Therapy: The non-stop medical service, the complete medical services and therapeutic procedures are offered in the Curie Spa Hotel. Some procedures however are also administered in-house.

Meals: Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served in the adjoining the Curie and the Praha Spa Hotels.

Services: Clients of the Elektra Spa Hotel can check in at the non-stop Reception Desk of the Curie Spa Hotel. Further services available to them here are the Currency Exchange service, the swimming pool, library, hairdresser, beauty parlour and chiropodist. The Reception Desk in the lobby of Elektra Spa Hotel provides only the basic service. Parking with surveillance is available in one of the spa car parks.

Leisure Time Activities: At our clients' disposal are all the facilities of Curie Spa House as well as the wide variety of entertainment and services provided by the other spa hotels.


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Jáchymov - Spa House Elektra

Jáchymov - Spa House Elektra

Jáchymov - Spa House Elektra


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